Artist Statement

In the words of the artist:

My paintings come from a deep place within.

Connecting with nature brings me back to myself.  In this piece I find the spaces between heaven and earth.  My work is informed by living intimately in nature.  The river tells me to let go…the stream will take me.

Walking in the forest embraces and holds me. The sand beneath my feet connects and grounds me.  The endless rhythms of the waves soothe away my pain.

The wind on my cheek reminds me to be gentle and beautiful in every way. The everchanging sky reminds me that we are a dream…in motion, so delicate, ethereal…part of a bigger plan.

About The Work

The paintings themselves begin with intuitive mark making and gestures. There is a softening of forms with colours that are muted and restrained. The work is being reduced to simple forms that explore the sensuous and mysterious complexities of nature through a meditated process. The resulting work is delicate and raw and exudes a quiet elegance.

These minimally abstract paintings are inspired, organic, sensitive, engaging, and evocative.