"Art is a life long journey of self exploration..."

about me


My interest in art began when I moved to Vancouver Island to pursue my counseling career. During that time, I studied art at North Island College and mentored with several established local artists.

My exploration of materials in; clay, stone, metal, concrete, paint and canvas has resulted in the creation of sculpture and paintings which emphasizes form and colour.

I approach art as a life long journey of learning. Each work of art is a process of growth and informs the next. Generally I work intuitively and in a highly expressive way. My art is a continuous process of self exploration and a reflection of my inner and outer experience in the world.


Other Interests

My commitment to art extends beyond the studio. I actively seek out opportunities to create and show my work while traveling.

In addition I use my skills as an artist in conducting Personal Growth Workshops, and in my private counseling practice.